ARZON… a daring, young knight whose soaring ideals and heroism help carry on the struggle against the Darkling Lords!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… represented by the EAGLE, Arzon's bold defense against the Darkling Lords is highly effective!
MAGICAL TOTEM… Arzon summons his magical power of KNOWLEDGE, to devise brilliant tactical battle plans to repel the enemies' sorcery!

"A whim, a thought, and more is sought,
Awake, my mind, thy will be wrought!"

-Arzon has straight, black hair (coloured dark brown in the cartoon), brown eyes and a martial-artist build. His armour colours are dark blue under-armour with medium blue helmet and over-armour with dark blue accents. His weapon is a mace-like weapon with four short, thick blades jutting out from a central haft.
-The Bearer of Knowledge is a genie who's turban/hair/head looks like a giant brain with a glowing star in the forehead. He provides encyclopedic answers to questions asked.

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