Burble is one of the seven Trobbits that protect and tend the Sagar Tree. As far as I can tell, he has no special ability though Balkar did try (and fail!) to teach him how to levitate a Sagar fruit at one point. In "Lightning City of the Clouds" he froze when the river did, he was about to take over steering Carpo's ark from Poulo in "Search for the Star Sword" which implies he is more experienced with water craft, he is shown to be an excellent swimmer in "The Crown of the Sorceress" and even Storm mentions he swims better than he flies in "The Lord of Time". His name is the sound brooks traditionally make so he may be connected with the water element. He tends to be worried and scares easily. He has a full beard with a large moustache. His toy was never part of the original line by Galoob but an exclusive figure was created in 2007 by the Lulu Berlu store to complete the line.

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