CINDARR… he's a colossus of obliteration, smashing through any and all Spectral Knights blockades!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… the GORILLA, a grotesquely muscular creature signifying his almost unstoppable destructive fury!
MAGICAL TOTEM… Cindarr calls upon his power of DESCTUCTION to cause earthquakes, which split the earth and swallow up enemy strongholds!

"By nature's hand, by crafts, by art,
What once was one, now fly apart!"

-Cindarr has grey hair, brown eyes, a bodybuilder build. His armour colours are charcoal black under-armour with red over-armour and helmet. His weapon is a spiked club.
-The beast of Destruction is a giant barbarian werewolf with goat horns and a necklace of human skulls across it's chest. It wields a huge glowing serrated scimitar like weapon. Cindarr has been trying to train it like it's a pet dog.

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