City Of The Ancient Ones

The DVD insert says: "The Overlord plans to use the beautiful Amber, the Sorceress, to lead him to the lost city of Tamboriyon where he hopes to gain the power of the Ancient Ones. With the help of the Vizier, Overlord entrances Amber but her old ally, Mara, tries to break the spell. Amber magically transports the Trobbits and Klone into a crystalline world within her ring and Blackstar, Mara, Balkar and Warlock swoop to the rescue, braving magical sandstorms, the volcanic eruptions of the Flame Mountains and the strength of Sumaro, the giant guardian of Tamboriyon."

This was the first episode broadcast but was written after Search for the Starsword. It mentions a few important things about the characters. Mara implies she's over 200 years old as she says Amber was her ally "centuries ago". John mentions he's still not used to having enhanced strength. Mara helps boost Balkar's "elemental powers" to calm a sandstorm.
Amber is an old friend and ally of Mara's. She appears to be the same race as Mara & Klone with the same shaped eyes & ears but she has blond hair and a caucasian skin tone (except for her "demon claw" shaped left hand that is red). If the show had a second season, it would have been interesting to see her again and what she learned from the city of the Ancients.
The Ice Troopers (called Ice Guards in the script) appear again later in Spacewrecked and in Lightning City of the Clouds where we find out they are minions of King Kreos.
Cave Apes appear in this episode. One of the "Alien Demon" toys that was packaged with the final wave of Blackstar figures looks a bit like a Cave Ape.
The crystal ape creature in the crystal dimension in Amber's ring is called a "Crystalloid" in the script.
Mara tells us Balkar's "magic is that of the elements" and she helps boost his powers to calm the sandstorm.
John mentions he'll "never get used to having such incredible strength" when he smashes the sandstone dome with his fists. It must be imparted to him by the Starsword as Mara replies, "I hope you never lose it."
Sumaro, the guardian of Tamboriyon was inspired by the Shogun Warriors toys by Mattel. It appears to be either a giant robot or a metal golem of some kind.

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