CRAVEX… a hot-tempered, irrational lord of evil ready to chop through anyone who crosses him!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… represented by the PHYLOT, an ominous winged beast who scavenges the remains of defeated opponents after battle!
MAGICAL TOTEM… he uses his power of FEAR to freeze the hearts of Spectral Knights with bone chilling terror!

"O mist-filled pits, dark, dank, unclear,
Touch all 'fore me with frost-fingered fear!"

-Cravex has black hair, beard, dark brown eyes, and athletic build. His armour colours are red under-armour with black helmet and over-armour. His weapon is a strange axe-type weapon.
-The spider of Fear looks like a giant black widow spider with octopus-like tentacles for a mouth, and on it's back is a screaming human face straining to escape. If it sinks it's tentacles into you, you experience hallucinations of your worst fears. If it's cut, it merely splits into half-sized versions of itself that swarm you.

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