CRYOTEK… a self-sacrificing warrior who'll charge blindly into battle without a thought for his own safety!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… the BEAR, symbolizing an imposing mass of sheer brawn and muscle!
MAGICAL TOTEM… Cryotek utilizes his special power of STRENGTH to single-handedly tear down the Darkling Lords' defenses!

"Three suns aligned, pour forth their light,
And fill the archer's bow with might!"

-Cryotek has brown hair, brown eyes, and a heavily muscled bodybuilder build. His armour is medium-blue under-armour and helmet, with red over-armour. His weapon is a triple-headed, spiked ball-and-chain that he can throw like a bolo to capture enemies.
-The giant archer of Strength fires an arrow of pure force.

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