DARKSTORM… this diabolical, corrupt lord of evil is committed to imprisoning the magic of the Spectral Knights for all eternity!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… a SWAMP MOLLUSK, depicting his slimy insensitivity towards all that is good!
MAGICAL TOTEM… During battle, Darkstorm summons his magical power of DECAY to corrode and eat away at Spectral Knight armour!

"By what creeps, what crawls, by what does not,
Let all that grows recede and rot!"

-Darkstorm has brown hair, beard, brown eyes, and an athletic build. His armour is two shades of green. His weapon is a long-hafted axe.
-Darkstorm's swamp mollusk is a nearly man-sized giant snail that spits acid.
-The monster of Decay looks like a giant rat with bat wings. It wraps its wings around what it's attacking to rot organics, rust and corrode metals, crumble minerals, and age people.

-The animated series gave him a counter-spell to reverse the effects.
"Power of rot, obscuring truth,
What once was old, return to youth!"

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