Dart Feld is the first of the new Dragoons. Son of Zieg Feld and Claire, grandson of Haschel. When Dart was 5, he received his father's Dragon Spirit after the destruction of Neet but he does not know what it really is or what it can do until Rose awakens it during the battle of Hoax. After the destruction of Neet by the Black Monster, Dart was raised as a refugee orphan in Seles along with Shana. He received sword training from Master Tasman there. Initially, Dart treats Shana like his baby sister but slowly begins to realize he has more romantic feelings for her as time goes on.

Age: 23

Hair: red

Dragon Spirit: Red-Eye (later: Divine)

Element: Fire (later: "non-elemental")

Vassal Dragon: none

Hometown: Neet (grew up in Seles)

Weapon: swords

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