Emperor Dole of Sandora was younger brother of King Carlo of Serdio, uncle of King Albert of Basil, and husband of Empress Karina. He received the Violet Thunder Dragon Spirit from "Emperor Diaz" (aka Melbu Frahma in Zieg's body). He believed his brother, King Carlo, was a weak and incompetent ruler so he killed him to take the throne but Prince Albert had already received the Moon Gem as rightful heir so Dole rebelled and Serdio was divided by civil war into the Kingdom of Basil and the Empire of Sandora. Dole was eventually defeated by his nephew King Albert, Dart, Rose, Shana, and Master Haschel. The Violet Dragon Spirit passed on to Haschel upon his death.

Dragon Spirit: Violet

Element: Thunder (lightning)

Vassal Dragon: none (possibly the mutilated body of purple dragon in basement of the Black Castle?)

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