ECTAR… a bold yet cunning young knight who is relentless in battle. The only member of the Spectral Knights able to drive the Lancer Cycle and propel its magical powers to full force!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… represented by the sly and swift moving FOX, Ectar can outsmart any Darkling Lord anywhere at anytime!
VEHICLE POWER… Lancer Cycle is equipped with magical power hands creating an energized force field for protecting Ectar while pulsating him with added battle strength!

"Shield this craft from one and all,
Reflect, deflect, depose and fall!"

ECTAR: "Come hither my good child, for Merklyn has empowered me to drive this noble craft. With this high powered vehicle, we shall gallantly ride into battle! Our mission is to aid our fellow Spectral Knights in defeating the evil Darkling Lords!"

  • ECTAR, the fully possible Lancer Cycle driver, possesses the personality of a FOX. His sly and cunning ways give him the ability to secretly guide the Lancer Cycle through enemy lines!
  • Weapon: Double-headed, hand-held hook to latch onto and destroy enemy armour!
  • Canopy with special 3-dimensional, holographic powers which emits intense bursts of energy to form a protective force field around the Lancer Cycle driver!
  • Engineered for pin-point accuracy, the positionable, spring-activated battering lance will bash any obstacles that block the cycle's path!
  • Poseable photon cannon is always poised for action to defend the Lancer Cycle from attacking Darkling Lords!
  • Specially designed, positionable air brakes make the Lancer Cycle highly maneuverable on the battlefield! With magical, dual-image 3-dimensional holograms of a horse and rider with lance, and the other a supersonic photon missile protecting the craft!
  • Uniquely designed spoiler, with dual-image 3-dimensional Merklyn hologram, gives the Lancer Cycle a special aerodynamic sleekness enabling it to travel at incredible speed!

-Ectar is strawberry/redish-blond, wavy haired, blue eyed with an athletic build. His under armour is medium-light blue with matching helmet and his over-armour is white. His weapon is a 2 bladed claw.
-From the windshield of the Lancer Cycle appear two hands that shoot lightning from the fingers to form a lightning ball. The ball of lightning can be flung at enemies or used to deflect attacks.

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