FERYL… a shifty knight with great battle experience and smooth tactical finesse! Only he has the ability and the power to drive the awesome Capture Chariot in strategic assault missions!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… Symbolized by the WOLF, this enables Feryl to craftily advance into enemy outposts, attacking Darkling Lords while they sleep!
VEHICLE POWER… Capture Chariot's gunner pods are shielded by eery, mystical hands hurling endless fireballs that engulf the enemy in flames!

"Draw upon the breath of stars,
And scorch the sky with fiery scars!"

FERYL: "Stand fast my fine young warrior! Merklyn has only granted me the power to drive the Capture Chariot, the Knights' most powerful battle craft in order to vanquish the evil Darkling Lords from our once great planet, Prysmos! We must make haste and journey with our brother Spectral Knights to defeat those evil Darkling Lords on this quest of quests! We will not rest 'till our beloved Prysmos is freed from the deadly grasp of the Darkling Lords!

  • FERYL, the fully poseable Capture Chariot driver, possesses the personality of a wolf! His craftiness allows him to sneak behind Darkling Lord defence perimeters to single-handedly capture enemy commanders!
  • Electro-charged knife lets Feryl neutralize enemy power units and rip his way through the toughest Darkling Lord defenses!
  • Removable scout pods emit exciting 3-dimensional, holographic powers! 3-dimensional stereographic hands appear to hurl magical fireballs to shield the craft from enemy bombardment while intensifying its battle firepower!
  • Positionable centre dome cannon can blast multiple rounds of laser fire at attacking Darkling Lords with pinpoint accuracy!
  • Front end, prow-mounted battle puncher can demolish its way through the thickest and strongest Darkling Lords' barricade while tossing enemy warriors out of its way!
  • 2 double-image holograms contain the essence of Merklyn, intensifying the craft with super powerful battle energy!

Feryl is brown haired, brown eyed and athletic. His armour colours are brown under-armour, with golden yellow helmet and over-armour with brown accents. His weapons is a double-bladed knife with a sparker that can make small magical fireballs.
On the backs of the Capture Chariot's two hover pods are magical plates with hands that throw fireballs.

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