The sequel to this novel is Forerunner- The Second Venture. Collected in The Forerunner Factor omnibus.

Simsa- nicknamed "Shadow", resident of the Burrows.
Zass- Simsa's zorsal companion.
Thom Chan-Li Yun- "My house name is Thom. My given-by-father name Chan-Li. My friend name—Yun."
Ferwar- The woman, aka "Old One", who raised Simsa.
Gathar- a warehouse commander.
Baslter of the Hook- an aggressive Burrow dweller.
Guild Lord Arfellan-
Thom T'seng- older brother of Chan-Li

Alien Races:



Thieves' Guild-
X-Arth- "It means ‘out of arth’- from another world- a very old world on which, some believe, all our kind originated. Or at least some of us who range the stars believe it."

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