Judgment on Janus

Collected, along with it's sequel Victory on Janus, in the Janus omnibus. This is part of a loose series connected by the "Dipple" which includes the Catseye, Night of Masks & Forerunner Foray.

Naill Renfro- becomes Ayyar the Ift.
Duan Renfro- Niall's father, a Free Trader captain, long dead.
Malani- Niall's mother, dying.
Mara Disa- a Dipple resident woman with some medical knowledge.
Stowar- a drug dealer.
Gram- A star-and-comet player associate of Stowar.
Director- of the Dipple

Alien Races:
Iftin- (singular: Ift)

Korwar- a pleasure planet
Dipple- refugee housing for war displaced persons.
Off-Planet Labor Recruiting Station- a building close to the main gate of the Dipple.
Mehetia- a planet Duan Renfro hoped to bring his family to from the Dipple.

Thieves Guild-

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