Kongol is a Giganto who was saved, as a child, by Prince Dole, from the massacre of the Gigantos. Dart, Lavitz and Rose met him originally, as a foe, in Hoax. He was defeated a second time by Dart, Rose, Shana, Albert and Haschel in the Black Castle where he was confused and disarmed by their mercy. He follows them and joins the party in the City of Gigantos after they defeat Gehrich and his gang. He finds the Golden Dragon Spirit in the market in Lohan after talking to the Minito Mr. Pelpee in Donau, who gives the clue where to look for it. (If Kongol doesn't buy it in the Lohan, he receives it from the spirit of his older brother Indora on the Moon That Never Sets.) At the end of the game he is shown studying the Rouge martial arts with Master Haschel.

Age: 37

Hair: Black

Dragon Spirit: Golden

Element: Earth

Vassal Dragon: none

Hometown: Home of the Gigantos (grew up in Sandora)

Weapons: battle axes

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