LEORIC… a brave and regal Spectral Knight, chosen to rebuild the medieval-like society of New Valarak!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… the LION, a creature symbolizing Leoric's noble birth and courageous leadership abilities!
MAGICAL TOTEM… Leoric calls upon the special power of WISDOM to solve Merklyn's magical puzzles and thwart the evil Darkling Lords!

"Whispered secrets of a shattered age,
I summon you, renew this sage!"

-Leoric has dark brown hair and moustache (coloured black in the cartoon) with an athletic, swash-buckling build. His armour colours are dark (turquoise?) under-armour and medium-light (turquoise?) helmet and over-armour. His weapon is a metallic whip. He's given the title prince Leoric in the animated series and comics. He gets a girlfriend named Fletchen, a humble yet determined farmer's daughter, in the cartoon.
-The owl of Wisdom gives insight into and can predict the outcome of situations, but usually says something cryptic that the summoner needs to figure out.

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