LEXOR… a foe of good, he prides himself on his talent to create havoc—wreaking terror wherever he goes!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… the ARMADILLO symbolizes Lexor's indomitable fortitude to withstand attack!
MAGICAL TOTEM… Lexor summons his power of INVULNERABILITY to keep him unscarred during hand-to-hand combat with the Spectral Knights!

"The arrows turn, the swords rebel,
May nothing pierce this mortal shell!"

-Lexor has reddish-brown curly hair & beard, brown eyes, and and average build. His under-armour is red with red over-armour breastplate and belts, but the rest of his over-armour is blue with a matching blue helmet. His weapon is a curios double ended hook with a tether line that allows him to use it like a grapple with a tiny, powered winch in his lower back.
-The golem of Invulnerability projects an inpenetrable forcefield around whatever the staff holder wishes.

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