Lightning City Of The Clouds

The DVD insert says: "The Overlord wants to control the seasons on Sagar so he sends his minions to capture the woman who holds the key to the Box of Seasons, a magical receptacle protected by the Trobbits. It's up to Blackstar — and a magical ice duplicate — to save Sagar from perpetual winter!"

This episode, like The Mermaid of the Serpent Sea, feels like it's written more for a younger audience with a magic box controlling the seasons on Sagar.
There is another clue to Burble's elemental ability in this episode. He's shown shivering miserably under a blanket and Riff comments that he's frozen like the river.
The ice weapons the Ice Troopers are carrying here were given to the Palace Guard toy figure. The Ice Troopers also made an appearance in City of the Ancient Ones.

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