Marvel's Inferno Crossover

NM 65 (Jul '88)- Destiny predicts Inferno.

NM 66 (Aug '88)- Magik fights Forge because she thinks he murdered her brother & the X-Men.

UX 231 (Jul '88)- (A footnote mentions this story takes place after NM 66.) Magik tries to resurrect Colossus but he isn't dead. Gateway teleports Colossus to Limbo before Magik can complete the spell. Colossus fights S'ym, then travels to the X-mansion and helps Magik save the New Mutants from a spell-created version of Baba Yaga.

UX 232-234 (Aug, Early Sep, Late Sep '88)- Madelyne is knocked unconscious when she smashes the computer screen & has a dream that allows S'ym to begin corrupting her into the Goblin Queen.

XTERM 1 (Oct '88), pgs 1-3- S'ym orders N'astirh to gather 13 mutant babies.

XF 32 (Sep '88)- Cameron Hodge contacts N'astirh (with an old book of spells formerly belonging to Belasco) to make a deal. In exchange for protecting him against Death (fka Angel) he offers first his soul, then mutant babies.

PP 40 (Sep '88)- Boogyman contacts N'astirh (with a spell he must have got from The Right) to sell him mutant children. His plans are interrupted by Power Pack and the New Mutants. Magik banishes him to Limbo.

PP 42 (Dec '88)-FB- In Limbo, N'astirh strips Boogyman of his humanity.

XTERM 1 (Oct '88), pgs 4-5- N'astirh arrives on Earth and establishes his base in a cemetery in New York. He strips the cemetery keeper Bill of his humanity.

XF 33 (Oct '88)- New York City experiences a heat wave and inanimate objects become demonized and begin attacking people. Beast awakes from his coma but has reverted to his blue and furry state. Rusty decides to turn himself in to the Navy to face charges on burning a woman back in XF 1.

XTERM 1 (Oct '88)- X-Factor drops Rusty off at Naval prison and the rest of their wards off at school. N'astirh has Crotus and his goblins kidnap Artie & Leech on Hodge's direction.

UX 236 (late Oct '88)- N'astirh attempts to contacts Madelyne Prior through the computer system in the X-Men's basement but she is in Genosha. He manages to contact her there through a medical monitor but she tells him "later".

A 298 (Dec '88)- Jarvis and The Captain are attacked by inanimate objects in New York. Peter Parker appears.
H2 350 (Dec '88)- Beast recruits Hulk to help out the Avengers in…
A@ 17- Where Beast joins a reserve team of Avengers to stop the High Evolutionary.
XF 34 (Nov '88)- N'astirh chats with Hodge on a video monitor while Death (fka Angel) fights N'astirh's demons in Hodge's headquarters. N'astirh then recalls them to check out an orphanage in Nebraska where Hodge promises he'll find mutant babies. Cyclops & Jean prepare to leave for Cyclops's old orphanage in Nebraska. A footnote tells us Iceman isn't back from dropping off Skids, Boom Boom & Rictor off at Exeter (in XTERM 1) and Beast is away helping out the Avengers (in A@17).

XTERM 2 (Nov '88)- A footnote on pg. 2 tells us N'astirh is using a spell to converse with Cameron Hodge in XF 34. On pg 7, a footnote mentions he has to contact the Goblin Queen in UX 238. Crotus kidnaps Wiz Kid to get him to make a computer to process spells for N'astirh.

UX 238 (Late Nov' 88)-BTS- N'astirh assists Madelyne somehow to murder Genoshan telepaths, science team & magistrates to save Madelyne from being mind wiped and turned into a Mutate.

ASM 311 (Jan '89) Spider-Man battles stone lions, phones start cackling, heatwave (evening). Next day, classes. Next night, fights Mysterio & the Empire State Building elevator eats a janitor.
UX 239 (Dec '88)- Empire State building has grown to 113 floors and begins eating people. Madelyne seduces Havok. N'astirh checks out Sinister's orphanage in Nebraska then contacts Madelyne. She demands that he finds the Marauders and her son.
DD 260 (Nov '88) Heatwave in Manhattan, anti-nuke rally, Daredevil attacked by gangs.
DD 261 (Dec '88) Human Torch helps search for Daredevil. Typhoid Mary has sex with Kingpin then drops beaten Daredevil off a bridge.
PPTSSM 146 (Jan '89) Spider-Man and Harry are attacked by an animated Oscorp factory.

PP 42 (Dec '88)- Heat wave plagues Manhattan and inanimate objects are animating. Powers family is overwhelmed by the heat.

XF 35 (Dec '88)- Beast & Iceman fight animated objects in New York. Cyclops & Marvel Girl visit the Orphanage in Nebraska where they find Cyclops's son but they have to fight Nanny, Orphan Maker & her Lost Boys & Girls. A footnote mentions UX 240 (Marauders in New York City). N'astirh's goblins kidnap Christopher Nathan and the rest of the babies.

UX 240 (Jan '89), pg 1-6- Havok & Madelyne have a date in the Rainbow Room atop the RCA Building. They feel the heatwave affecting Manhattan. The M Squad arrive to study the growing Empire State Building from there and get eaten by the elevator.

XTERM 3 (Dec '88)- N'astirh scrys the New Mutants confronting S'ym in Limbo. Footnote tells us this is in NM 71.
NM 71 (Jan '89)- S'ym takes Magik's sword. N'astirh taunts S'ym through his scrying spell. New Mutants travel into Limbo's past and see young Illyana tormented by S'ym, sees N'astirh fight S'ym over her. Magneto & Hellfire club notice Empire State building is growing.
XTERM 3 (Dec '88)- N'astirh makes Wiz Kid build him a magic processing computer.

UX 240 (Jan '89), pg 7-9- Madelyne strips Professor & Mrs. Grey of their humanity. pg 10-13- Dazzler & Rogue squabble over Longshot while Havok uses the computer to search for the Marauders and discovers they are in New York. pg 14- N'astirh takes Madelyne to Sinister's orphanage in Nebraska. pg 15-21- The X-Men attack the Marauders in the Morlock Alley beneath New York. pg 22- Madelyne & N'astirh confront Sinister at the Orphanage.

UX 241 (Feb '89), pg 1-3- Sinister bats away the demonized Greys, enchains Madelyne and notes on pg 3 that N'astirh has teleported away.

XF 36 (Jan '89)- Iceman & Beast are still fighting animated objects in New York. N'astirh is in the cemetery waiting for his goblins to deliver baby Christopher Nathan and the other babies. He opens a communication spell to torment Dark Angel. Crotus interrupts to inform N'astirh that Taki has nearly completed the computer for the invasion of Manhattan & footnote tells us this is in XTERM 3.

DRSTR3 2 (Jan '89)- Dr. Strange battles Dormammu with the help of the frogs of Central Park, Topaz and Clea.
WOSM 47 (Feb '89) The Hobgoblin attacks Harry at home and Spider-Man fights him.
ASM 312 (Feb '89) Harry finds his father's Green Goblin costume and equipment hidden in his attic and puts it on to fight the Hobgoblin. Spider-Man helps. Mary Jane is attacked by her jewelry at a modelling gig. The Bugle staff is struggling with demonized presses. On the final page, demons & goblins pour into Manhattan.

UX 241 (Feb '89), pg 4-5 is a double page spread of the X-Men & Marauders discovering how Manhattan has been drastically changed. There are 2 winged demons flying in the air by what looks like the Empire State Building. Pages 6-9 show various demonized objects, buildings and even a police car & some policemen as the X-Men fight the Marauders. pg 10 Psylocke is overwhelmed by telepathic "CRIES CHILDREN HELP US SAVE US" while a trio of demons (or animated gargoyles) placing bets on who will win with plans to eat the losers. pg 11-12 has Sinister reveal that Madelyne's memories are merely echoes of Jean Grey's. N'astirh appears on pg 12 and thinks she's "ripe at last for my picking… with the introduction of one, final element". pg 13-14- Three winged demons are shown flying over New York City and the X-Men continue to fight demonized objects. pg 15 Sinister gives a flashback of Madelyne's real origin.
FF 323 (Feb '89)- Human Torch is having trouble shutting off his powers (footnote on pg 2 mentions "As happened last issue"). A footnote on pg 8 mentions Kang's appearance in A 300. The FF help Mantis fight Kang but she is suddenly kidnapped.

XF 36 (Jan '89)-Marvel Girl's connection with baby Christopher Nathan leads her and Cyclops back to Manhattan. On pg 13 she looses contact with the baby. (This is probably the moment in XTERM 3 when N'astirh teleports everything from the graveyard to Times Square.) They barely avoid crashing their plane into the Empire State Building which grows to enormous size.

XTERM 3 (Dec '88), pg 25-end- Goblins arrive with baby Christopher Nathan Summers, N'astirh teleports them to Times Square and uses computer & babies to create giant pentacle. A huge portal opens within it and the hordes of Limbo begin to pour out.
XF 36 (Jan '89), pg. 22- The pentacle appears over Times Square and demons pour out. Cyclops and Marvel Girl regroup with Beast & Iceman to fight the demons. Dark Angel flies in to join them.

XTERM 4 (Jan '89)- The X-terminators see the New Mutants fall out of the pentacle.
PP 42 (Dec '88), pg 17- The portal opens over Times Square and the New Mutants (along with S'ym and the Limbo demons) arrive on Earth.
A 299 (Jan '89)- The Captain encounters the New Mutants just after they fall from the pentacle into Times Square.
NM 71 (Jan '89)- N'astirh teleports down in front of New Mutants.

DD 263 (Feb '89)- Kingpin is informed of demons pouring into Manhattan and Typhoid Mary makes a deal with one. Daredevil fights a demonized subway.

XTERM 4 (Jan '89), pg 6- N'astirh flies down to confront Magik. Artie & Leech try to unplug the computer but Crotus nearly fries himself to plug it back in. Pg 11. They see Magik disappear. Pg 12, they see N'astirh & S'ym fighting.
NM 72 (Feb '89), pg 1-6- N'astirh fights S'ym over Magik. Magik teleports away.

A 300 (Feb '89)- N'astirh kidnaps Franklin Richards and places him atop the World Trade Center to help feed the pentacle over Times Square more energy.

UX 241 (Feb '89), pg 16-17 The X-Men are attacked by the troopers from The Right who were S'ym's slaves in Limbo. Colossus notes the X-Men have become more aggressive so he leaves to search for his sister. Pg 18 Sinister & Madelyne talk some more. Pg 19-20 N'astirh grabs Longshot and turns his luck dark. Havok tries to fry him but he teleports away.

XTERM 4 (Jan '89), pgs 13-16- The X-terminators fight demons and Wiz Kid transforms the roof air conditioning system into mini planes. An aerial battle ensues but Wiz Kid is soon captured by Crotus and returned to N'astirh.
NM 72 (Feb '89), pg 9- The New Mutants fight demons and see N'astirh grab Wiz Kid. (XTERM 4, pg 16) Pgs 11-16- Magik keeps teleporting into places where the inanimate objects and demonized people try to convince her to turn embrace the dark side.
XTERM 4 (Jan '89), pgs 17-21- X-terminators & New Mutants join forces to rescue the babies from the pentacle.
NM 72 (Feb '89), pg. 17-18- New Mutants begin rescuing babies from the pentacle. Pg. 19-20- Magik gets an evil make-over. Pg. 22- The New Mutants continue rescuing babies from the pentacle.
XTERM 4, pg. 21-25- N'astirh forces Wiz Kid to use the computer against S'ym. Wiz Kid manages to double it's output and also catches N'astirh in the explosion. The X-terminators fly down to rescue Wiz Kid while N'astirh & S'ym fight. Boom Boom tries to blow up the computer but fails as she's overwhelmed by demons.
NM 72, pg 23-24- N'astirh & S'ym fight some more and N'astirh decides to allow himself to be infected by the trans-mode virus.
XTERM 4, pgs 26-30- N'astirh allows himself to be infected by the trans-mode virus. He throws S'ym back then begins to bond with the computer but Wiz Kid uses his power to revert it back to normal causing it to explode.
NM 72, pg 24- The computer explodes and the pentacle is shut down. The New Mutants manage to rescue the remaining babies.
A 300 (Feb '89), pg 36- The pentacle over Times Square is distrupted. The Invisible Woman rescues her son from N'astirh's spell.
XF 36 (Jan '89)- On the last page, X-Factor sees an explosion (which is probably the computer & N'astirh exploding and the pentacle shutting down at the end of XTERM 4).
XTERM 4, 31-32- The X-terminators rush over to Wiz Kid to see if he's alright and are shortly joined by the New Mutants and the rescued babies.

NM 72 (Feb '89), pg 25- The New Mutants and X-terminators regroup with the injured members staying in a church and the uninjured ones going out to keep fighting. Pg 27-30- Magik frees herself from her enforced make-over and N'astirh reforms after the explosion. He tries to convince her to give him her sword but she forms a full suit of armor and fends him off. Pg 31- N'astirh teleports away and S'ym shows up.

XF 37 (Feb '89), pg. 4- N'astirh appears, kidnaps baby Christopher Nathan, and on pg. 7 teleports off with him.
UX 241 (Feb '89), pp. 21-23- The demonized Greys attack Sinister and Madelyne breaks free of his chains. On the last page, N'astirh returns with baby Nathan Christopher.
XCAL 6 (Mar '89), pp. 1-10- The terrified Nathan Christopher's psychic cries are heard by Phoenix, who flies to New York. Phoenix arrives to find Madelyne scoping out the Empire State Building and is easily defeated.
XF 37, pg. 8- N'astirh re-appears with Goblin Queen, the baby and Marvel Girl's transformed parents. On pg. 16- N'astirh teleports away from Goblin Queen's attack as she turns on him. Last page- The Goblin Queen suddenly turns back into Madelyne.
UX 242 (Mar '89),pp. 1-9- X-Men & X-Factor fight over Madelyne.

PPTSSM 147 (Feb '89)- N'astirh strips Hobgoblin of his humanity while Spider-Man makes his way to the Bugle and helps fight off demons there.

FF 324 (Mar '89)- N'astirh has a word with Necrodamus while the Fantastic Four (and Kang) try to free Mantis from him.

WOSM 48 (Mar '89)- Spider-Man leaves The Bugle to search for Mary Jane and fights the demonized Hobgoblin. The Lizard is spotted running around Central Park.

XCAL 6 (Mar '89), pp. 11-22- N'astirh corrupts Meggan into the Goblin Princess.

ASM 313 (Mar '89)- Spider-Man fights the Lizard.

NM 73 (Mar '89)- Colossus searches the streets for Magik. N'astirh makes a deal with the Hellfire Club. Colossus fights S'ym.

NM 73 (Mar '89)- Magik sweeps the demons back into Limbo. (A footnote tells us N'astirh continues his plot in UX 242.)
DD 265 (Apr '89), pg 27- Daredevil fights demons & demonized objects and people until Magik's portal sucks the demons back into limbo.
PP 44 (Mar '89), pgs 1-6- Power Pack fight demons and demonized objects & people until they see the demons get swept back into Limbo by Magik's last portal. Pgs 7-9- They return home to find their parents traumatized and mentally unbalanced.
XCAL 7 (Apr '89), pg 25- Shadowcat manifests a portion of Magik's armour.

UX 242 (Mar '90), pg 10- N'astirh returns, takes the Goblin Queen & Havok into the Empire State Building and she makes Havok her Goblin Prince. The X-Men & X-Factor continue to fight until N'astirh attacks Storm & Marvel Girl. They team up and coordinate their attack until N'astirh is blown up. The Goblin Queen captures Marvel Girl.
XCAL 7 (Apr '89), pg 27- Meggan suddenly weakens and Shadowcat stabs her with the soulsword. (This is probably when X-Men & X-Factor destroy N'astirh) Nightcrawler disrupts Crotus's spell and frees Phoenix.
XF 38 (Mar '89)- X-Factor & X-Men squabble over how to defeat the Goblin Queen and free Marvel Girl from her until they team up and defeat her. Marvel Girl absorbs Madelyne's psyche as she dies. Most of the effects of Inferno subside with her passing. Marvel Girl's parents revert to normal.
PPTSSM 48 (Mar '90) Flash & Betty fight demons, Inferno ends, Empire State building returns to normal at dawn.
C&D3 4 (Apr '89)- Crotus attacks Dagger who blasts him to ash with her light. Crotus's 2 minions try to manipulate Cloak but he engulfs them in his darkness. The New Mutants arrive to help Dagger search for Cloak but they arrive at an empty bubble in space.

UX 243 (Apr '89)- Sinister psychically attacks Marvel Girl and tries to erase her memories. She fights him off and discovers he's at Xavier's School. Beast & Longshot take Professor & Mrs. Gray along with Cyclops's son to Ship. The X-Men split into teams and approach Xavier's mansion from above & below. They fight Malice/Polaris and are about to mind scan her but then the mansion explodes. Longshot arrives just as Sinister pulls Malice/Polaris from the wreckage.
XF 39 (Apr '89)- X-Factor & X-Men fight Sinister & Malice/Polaris. Jean is captured by Sinister but Havok breaks through Cyclops's mental programming and Cyclops blasts Sinister apart. The X-Men are teleported away by Gateway.

PP 44 (Mar '89), pg 9- The next morning Power Pack helps the people of New York against the remaining residue of Limbo magic. On pg 18- Mirage, Sunspot, Warlock and Gosamyr arrive to help. (A footnote mentions they just came back from helping Dagger in C&D3 4.) They work together to help at the hospital until sunset.

XF@ 4/3- Agents Farber & McNulty interview people to see what happened the night before. They interview the M Squad. Then JJJ at the Daily Bugle. Then Jarvis & Gilgamesh. They spot Thor flying overhead. Then they call Ship who tells them X-Factor is away on assignment. (UX 243-XF 39). X-Factor are preparing for Madelyne's funeral. Beast suggests speaking with Reed Richards. "Within 6 hours" they reply. A left-over demon can't wait to read the Daily Bugle report.

NM 74 (Apr '89)- Some objects are still demonized but the spell effect is dissipating. Pg 6 the rest of the team return (from PP 44). They go to X-Factor's Ship only for it to attack Gosamyr and try to contain her. Gosamyr agrees to return to space to find a planet of Mystics who can help her control her metamorphosis. The New Mutants decide to return to the X-Mansion. (This probably happens while X-Factor are at Madelyne's funeral in XF 40.)

XCAL 8 (May '89)- Shadowcat encounters the New Mutants returning to the ruins of the X-mansion. Phoenix looks in on Marvel Girl and baby Nathan Christopher on Ship.

NM 75 (May '89)- Magneto arrives at the ruins of the X-mansion with the Hellfire Club. The New Mutants refuse to return with him. He fights Shaw and convinces the White & Black Queens to side with him against Shaw. The New Mutants are allowed to leave.

XF 40 (May '89)- X-Factor attend Madelyne's funeral then return to Ship. They are greeted by the X-terminators and Professor & Mrs. Gray. Artie, Leech & Taki decide to return to school so Iceman takes them back. The rest of X-Factor decide to take the 13 mutant babies to the FBI to find their families. They are intercepted by Nanny & Orphan Maker. They fight until Archangel slices open Nanny's exo-shell. Marvel Girl locates her niece & nephew in Nanny's ship and rescues them. Nanny & Orphan Maker teleport away. The FBI and Freedom Force take charge of the 13 mutant babies as well as Nanny's Lost Boys and Girls. X-Factor return to Ship and Jean's niece and nephew are reunited with their grandparents.

NM 76 (Jun '89)- The New Mutants decide to return to Ship. The X-Terminators are under-sea exploring while X-Factor returns Marvel Girl's parents home along with her niece & nephew. Boom Boom discovers a mystical monster summoning horn. They blow it and a giant sea monster begins to drag Ship under. The New Mutants arrive in time to help fight it off. Namor also hears the horn and arrives to help. The monster is defeated just before X-Factor returns.

UX 244 [X-Men women & Jubilee vs M-Squad.]

UXM@ 13/2 [Jubilee vs Cyborg dingo]

UX 245 [X-Men men vs alien invasion of Australia.]

(gap of time) [Beast appears in A 305, M/CP 39-44 & 85-92 here and the XF 47-FB Angel story goes here as well. Also the Boom Boom story in NM@ 5 is probably before she begins crushing on Cannonball in XF 41.]

Atlantis Attacks begins:
SS@ 2 [Atlantis Attacks Chapter 1. Ghaur returns.]
NM@ 5-FB pp 2-4, [“Weeks ago” flashback. Ghaur sees recording of events of MN 76 & has some Deviants that look like the New Mutants follow Namor to steal the horn.]
IM@ 10 [Atlantis Attacks Chapter 2. Namor "dies" in explosion, Andromeda fights her father Attuma who plans to attack the "surface dwellers"]
UXM@ 13 [Atlantis Attacks Chapter 3. X-Men vs Serpent Society & Mr. Jip.]

XF 41 [A troll stalks a mutant kid in England. Dani has headache and feels hot (first signs of Hela’s spell on the Valkyries). The New Mutants decide to return Illyana to her parents and X-Factor heads to England to find kidnapped kid. They discover trolls really do exist!]

XF 42 [X-Factor frees Alchemy from Trolls. (Takes place same time as NM 77-78.)]

NM 77 pp 1-3 [New Mutants return Illyana to her parents in Siberia, Dani & Brightwind collapse from Hela’s spell.]
NM 77 pp 4-30 [“Many hours and time zones later…” New Mutants arrive in New York and Ship tells them X-Factor is still in England (XF 41-42). Ship examines Dani, prognosis: sorcery. Ship directs them Dr. Strange’s mansion where Dani & Brightwind burst into flame and attack the New Mutants. Dr. Strange convinces Dani to fight back and she manages to overcomes the spell just long enough to create an ice machine which freezes her and Brightwind.]

M/CP 17-24 [“Cyclops: Retribution” story possibly takes place here while X-Factor is in England right after the end of XF 42. Cyclops with Banshee & Callisto fights Master Mold on Muir Island while Moira tries to cure a virus that targets mutants that she created while under Master Mold’s influence. (During NM 77-78 and before UX 246-247 where Master Mold gets sent through the Siege Perilous)]

(X-Factor returns to Ship (from England) here BTS sometime during NM 77-78.)

NM 78 pp 1-8 [New Mutants figure out how to transport frozen Dani & Brightwind back to Ship from Dr. Strange’s house. Freedom Force tracks them down with intent to arrest Rusty. New Mutants fight Freedom Force on Liberty Island. Skids stays and shields Rusy while rest of New Mutants try to reach Ship with Dani. Ship announces to X-Factor it cannot control itself and is launching into space. Avalanche destroys the ice machine, Dani is released, Dr. Strange teleports her & rest of the New Mutants to Asgard.]

XF 43-46 [“Judgment War” Ship suddenly launches into space to the surprise of X-Factor and arrives on alien planet about to be judged by the Celestials.]

NM 79-80 [New Mutants in Asgard.]

NM 80 pp 8-9 [Rusty & Skids taken from Liberty Island by Freedom Force late at night.]

XF 47 [“Judgment War” interlude framing story of Archangel having a flashback while imprisoned on the alien planet.]

NM 81 [Magma & Empath "interlude" framing story.]

NM 82 p20 [“Hours later” Rusty & Skids are shown in prison surrounded by Mystique, Blob, & Pyro who try to convince them to give up. Skids finally collapses from lack of rest & food.]

NM 82-86 [New Mutants in Asgard (still).]

UX 246-247 [X-Men fight Master Mold, finally opening the Siege Perilous to be rid of it but it drags Rogue in with it.]

XF 48-50 [“Judgment War” concluding issues. X-Factor heads back to Earth and passes Starjammers in space.]

NM 87 pp 8-11 [New Mutants in Asgard, Dani stays.]
NM 87 pp 15-16 [New Mutants leave Asgard and enter dimension of the Mindless Ones.]
NM 87 pp 19-20 [New Mutants fight Mindless Ones.]
NM 87 p 27 [New Mutants arrive on Earth above ocean near Statue of Liberty.]

NM@ 5 [Atlantis Attacks Chapter 9.]

NM 87 p 31 [New Mutants spot Ship about to land and think it’s crashing.]

XF 51 pp 1-3 [Sabretooth attacks Morlocks.]
XF 51 pp 4-6 [Mole tries to escape Sabretooth.]
XF 51 pp 8-11 [X-Factor return to Earth. Ships lands on old X-Factor building site and transforms.]
XF 51 p 13 [Ship’s landing shakes the ground & casts it’s shadow over Acme Records where Opal works. She meets Mole in the basement.]
XF 51 pp 16-17 [Opal talks with Mole.]
XF 51 pp 18-20 [X-Factor deal with helicopters crashing.]
XF 51 pp 22-24 [Opal lets Mole stay and covers for him with her boss.]
XF 51 pp 25-27 [X-Factor talk to reporters and Archangel flies off while Sabretooth spots him and chooses him as his next victim.]

NM 88 pp 7-9 [New Mutants see Archangel fly off, they re-unite with rest of X-Factor & tell them about Asgard, Atlantis Attacks and mention Rusty & Skids.]

Atlantis Attacks conclusion:
XF@ 4 ["Chapter 10" Marvel Girl is kidnapped by Ghaur with Beast hanging on.]
(Storm captured BTS by Ghaur sometime shortly before UX 248, probably in similar way to Marvel Girl)
AWC@ 4 ["Chapter 12" Marvel Girl & Storm are Brides of Set]
T@ 14 ["Chapter 13" Marvel Girl & Storm are Brides of Set]
FF@ 22 ["Chapter 14" Marvel Girl & Storm are Brides of Set]

UX 248 [X-Men fight Nanny & Orphan Maker, Storm is turned into a pre-teen by Nanny.]

UX 249-255 [Events which end in Destiny & Stonewall’s deaths.]

(A whole bunch of “meanwhile” captions, which are the ONLY thing linking them to the other storyline, are ignored in the following New Mutant segments:)

NM 83 pp 20-22 [Rusty reads newspaper article about some events in the Vault (footnote: Avengers Spotlight 25). The Vulture is in the cell next to him, sees article about Nitro and announces his plot to free Nitro.]

Acts of Vengeance:
NM 84 pp 11-13 [Vulture gets package with a pair of wings and bomb. Recognizes the Tinker’s work based on his designs and vows revenge. Rusty tries to stop him escaping and gets dragged along when Vulture flies out of prison through hole created by Tinker’s bomb.]

NM 85 pp 22-24 [Vulture dumps Rusty on the ground. Rusty frees Skids to help follow & stop the Vulture.]

NM 86 pp 1-3 [Vulture confronts Tinker. Tinker tells Vulture he got wing designs from man on computer monitor (Loki in disguise) with instructions to attack Speedball…! Vulture changes plans to release Nitro.]
NM 86 pp 4-6 [Rusty & Skids steal van from prison yard and smash their way out. They head for courthouse in Albany where Nitro is on trial.]
(There may be a gap of a few hours here for Rusty & Skids to get from the “maximum security federal prison” (near Washington, DC?) to the Albany courthouse and for the Vulture & Tinker to come up with a plan to free Nitro.)
NM 86 pp 8-20 [Vulture smashes through courthouse skylight and flies Nitro’s canister to roof. Rusty & Skids arrive in damaged van. Vulture forces Tinker to open hole in Nitro’s canister. Police, Rusty & Skids climb to the roof try to stop them but Nitro frees himself from canister. Rusty grabs Vulture as he’s about to fly away and they crash back onto the roof when Rusty destroys his wings. Skids wraps her forcefield around Nitro as he explodes which disrupts his ability to reform so he’s unable to detonate again and dissipates.]
NM 86 pp 25-29 [Freedom Force and the press arrive. Blob beats on Rusty when he tries to tell the press the truth. Crimson Commando says, “Our own teammates, Destiny and Stonewall, have just fallen tragically to scum like them.” to the press to explain their use of force to arrest Rusty, Skids, Vulture and Tinker whom they claim were working together to free Nitro and resisting arrest.]
NM 86 pp 30-31 [“Elsewhere and hours later” the MLF firebomb an “energy research facility” and demand Rusty & Skids be freed or they will do worse. Cable makes his first, cameo appearance.]

Acts of Vengeance:
XF 49 p 16 [Apocalypse is observing villains on his screens and mentions Magneto, Red Skull, Kingpin, Dr. Doom, and the Wizard forming strange alliances. Also shown are the Juggernaut and possibly the Mandarin, (either Green or Hob-)goblin and… Foolkiller? He wonders if the armageddon he’s been anticipating is about to begin.]
XF 49 p 30 [Apocalypse discovers the man behind the scenes manipulating the villains. The man steps through Apocalypse’s monitors and invites him to join & lead his Acts of Vengeance.]

XF 50/2 [Apocalypse grabs the mysterious man and demands to know who he is. Loki drops his disguise and fights back. Caliban attacks Loki from the shadows and Loki fries him with a spell. Apocalypse traps Loki in a forcefield, Caliban appears unharmed by the flames. Loki smashes his way out and returns to the screens before having a final word and blowing the screens up.]

XF 51 pp 3-4 [Apocalypse & Caliban watch Sabretooth attacking Morlocks in New York from their “citadel beneath the Himalayas”.]
XF 51 pp 14-15 [Apocalypse watches Ship’s landing & transformation while Caliban runs through a training sequence.]
XF 51 pp 29-30 [Caliban escapes Apocalypse and teleports after Sabretooth.]
(It’s possible that Apocalypse is reviewing a recording of Sabretooth hunting the Morlocks and X-Factor’s return to Earth from his “citadel beneath the Himalayas” and is deliberately testing Caliban to see his reactions here.)

NM 87 pp1-6 [The MLF plants a bomb in another energy research facility in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming while Cable arrives too late to stop them.]
NM pp13-14 [Skids watches the news on the prison hospital room tv while Rusty is unconscious from head injury & drugs. Mystique enters and wants to know their connection to the MLF.]
NM 87 pp 17-18 [Stryfe sends the MLF to Washington DC to the prison Rusty & Skids are in, Cable is waiting for them.]
NM 87 pp 22-25 [Cable attacks MLF but gets paralyzed by Reaper & metal arm melted by Strobe.]
NM 87 pp 29-30 [The MLF teleport Rusty & Skids out.]
NM 87 p 31 panels 4-7 [Cable locked up in a “military complex outside of Washington”.]

NM 88 pp 1-6 panels 1-3 [Blob, Pyro & Crimson Commando question Cable about his connection to the MLF. Mystique tells them that X-Factor’s ship has “just landed” in New York.]
NM 88 p 9 panels 3-4, p 11-13 panel 1 [Cable fakes being sick, takes out guards, escapes cell.]
NM 88 pp 13-14 [New Mutants & X-Factor watch recording of Rusty & Skids arrest & Stryfe’s demands. They call Washington and a receptionist informs them Freedom Force is in a meeting.]
NM 88 pp 15-18 [Cable ambushes Freedom Force when they come out of their meeting, takes out Pyro and smashes through a window to escape.]
NM 88 pp 19-22 [Sam and Roberto phone home.]
NM 88 pp 24-25 [Cable lays a trap for Super Sabre which Blob spots just in time but it delays them long enough for Cable to steal a helicopter.]
NM 88 pp 27-29 [Wolfsbane talks to (a Shadow King possessed) Moira McTaggert who informs her she’ll be coming to take her back to Muir Island.]
NM 88 p 30 [Cable escapes in chopper while Mystique, Blob and Crimson Commando plan to recapture him.]

NM 89 [Cable flies copter from Washington, DC to New York before getting shot down by Freedom Force who’s chopper he takes out in return. Boom Boom, Cannonball & Sunspot run into Cable being chased down by Freedom Force. Moira McTaggert arrives on Ship to take Wolfsbane back to Muir Island, Rictor & Warlock try to stop her. The rest of the New Mutants show up with Cable and he convinces Moira to leave without Wolfsbane, for some reason Legion, over Ship’s video link to Muir Island, agrees.]

XF 52 [Sabretooth attacks Archangel which begins Ravens storyline.]

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