MORTDRED… this cynical villain specializes in mayhem and sabotage. He is the only lord able to control the elusive Sky Claw as it deceptively invades the Spectral Knight's territory!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… represented by the scurrying and deceiving BEETLE, this allows him to trick his adversaries into letting him infiltrate base camps, secretly sabotaging anything he can touch!
VEHICLE POWER… the scavenger-like vulture transforms into an ominous flying dragon increasing the Sky Claw's magical power!

"Wings of steel shall ride the breeze,
Invade the air, the land, the seas!"

MORTDRED: "Attention noble warrior! The time has come when the forces of good and evil will collide on the field of battle! Merklyn has endowed thee with the sole power of commanding this most powerful of battle crafts! Using Sky Claw's lethal weaponry, we will deliver a crushing blow to the Spectral Knights as we aid our fellow Darkling Lords in conquering Prysmos!"

  • MORTDRED, the fully poseable Sky Claw driver, possesses the personality of a BEETLE! His devious ways allow him to secretly infiltrate behind enemy lines, sabotaging communication transmission while scurrying off unnoticed!
  • Saw-tooth scythe helps Mortdred slash through Spectral Knight neutron-charged defences!
  • Retractable side pods, with exciting 3-dimensional, holographic powers. A 3-dimensional vulture changes into a flying dragon, adding an aerial menace to prey upon unsuspecting Spectral Knights!
  • Battering ram and pop-up front laser gun helps Sky Claw pound its way through Spectral Knight fortified positions blasting away enemy strongholds!
  • Side pods pop-out to reveal the double fire-power of 2 poseable electro-changed photon laser guns!
  • Rear-mounted, cockpit laser gun allows a second Darkling Lord to utilize the vehicle's extra firepower!
  • 2 double-image holograms contain the essence of Merklyn, charging the craft with endless battle power!

-Mortdred has grey hair & beard, blue eyes, and an athletic build. His armour is light purple under-armour and dark violet over-armour and helmet. His weapon is actually a serrated sickle, not a scythe.
-The side panels of the Sky Claw project a massive vulture and a dragon. They scoop up and fly off with whatever Mortdred wants captured. An interesting twist to this power could be intangibility- invading 'the air, the land, the seas' by matter phasing, literally flying through things would be an extremely cool power variation for the Sky Claw.

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