REEKON… A treacherous lord that will do anything to eliminate the Spectral Knights. So full of guile is he, that Merklyn gave him the ultimate command of the Dagger Assault, the most awesome and powerful battle craft in the Darkling Lord armada!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… represented by a LIZARD, this evil lord can slither in and out of Spectral Knight defences, coldly creeping into heavily secured areas!
VEHICLE POWER… Dagger Assault has a dungeon that siphons the magical powers from the captured Spectral Knights leaving them powerless!

"Flay the flesh, lay bare the bone,
Upon this field let grief be sown!"

REEKON: "Take heed my illustrious warrior, for the winds of war are howling throughout Prysmos! Merklyn, holder of the keys to the Age of Magic, has made me the ultimate commander of the invincible Darkling Lord Dagger Assault! The Spectral Knights will be crushed by Dagger Assault's devastating firepower, and all of Prysmos will be ruled by its true masters… the Darkling Lords!

  • REEKON, the fully poseable Dagger Assault driver, possesses the personality of a LIZARD. This enables him to creep his way past Specral Knight guards to bury heat-detonating land mines within the enemies' base camp!
  • Intensified dungeon has a 3-dimensional, stereographic hologram of a decaying body which drains the magic from captured Spectral Knights, reducing them to mortal men! Fits up to 7 Spectral Knight prisoners! (other side of vehicle)
  • Positionable launch ramp with detachable Dagger Dart scout plane provide Dagger Assault with a bird's eye view of the battlefield and can relay information on enemy positions back to the battle craft!
  • Dual, pom-pom action battering grams bash through the Spectral Knights' strongest barricades!
  • Three movable laser guns provide endless rounds of play laser firepower!
  • Two working catapults can hurl earth-shattering boulders into the heart of the Spectral Knights' attack force!
  • Additional 3-dimensional dual-image holograms increase the craft's mystical appearance!
  • Removable pilot sleds provide Dagger Assault with lightning fast frontal attacks and extra areal power for neutralizing Spectral Knight patrol units!

-Reekon has brown hair, goatee, brown eyes, and an average build. His armour colours are chartreuse under-armour with dark green over-armour and helmet. His weapon is a saw-tooth edged broadsword.
-The smaller dungeon on the left side of the Dagger Assault can extract the magic totem from any Visionary thrown into it. The victim appears as a glowing skeleton when the spell is cast. The Dagger Assault has a one-person flying scout gun ship called the Dagger Dart that launches off the ramp on the top of the Dagger Assault. The "removable pilot sleds" never were a thing in the cartoon or the comics. They really make no sense as that's where the Dagger Assault driver Reckon sits. They each have a rifle type weapon that isn't mentioned in the Vehicle Legend.

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