Sci Fi novels & short stories

The Gifts of Asti '48 (in The Many Worlds of Andre Norton)
Star Man's Son 2250 A. D. ’52 (aka Star Man's Son, aka Daybreak—2250 A. D.)
All Cats are Gray ’53 (in The Many Worlds of Andre Norton and SFWA Grand Masters Volume 2)
Star Rangers ’53 (aka The Last Planet)
The Stars are Ours! ’54
Mousetrap ’54 (in The Many Worlds of Andre Norton, Wizards' Worlds and SFWA Grand Masters Volume 2)
Star Guard ’55
Sargasso of Space ’55
Plague Ship ’56
Sea Siege ’57
Star Born ’57
Secret of the Lost Race ’59 (aka Wolfshead)
Voodoo Planet ’59
The Beast Master ’59
The Sioux Spaceman ’60
Storm over Warlock ’60
Star Hunter ’61
Catseye ’61
Lord of Thunder ’62
Eye of the Monster ’62
Judgment on Janus ’63
Ordeal in Otherwhere ’64
Night of Masks ’64
The X-Factor ’65
Victory on Janus ’66
Moon of 3 Rings ’66
Wizard’s World ’67 (in High Sorcery and Wizards' Worlds)
Dark Piper ’68
The Zero Stone ’68
Uncharted Stars ’69
Postmarked the Stars ’69
Dread Companion ’70
Ice Crown ’70
Long Live Lord Kor! '70 (in The Many Worlds of Andre Norton)
Android at Arms ’71
Exiles of the Stars ’71
Breed to Come ’72
Desirable Lakeside Residence '73 (in Moon Mirror)
Forerunner Foray ’73
London Bridge '73 (in The Many Worlds of Andre Norton)
Teddi '73 (in Moon Mirror)
Iron Cage ’74
Outside ’74 (in Moon Mirror)
No Night without Stars ’75
Perilous Dreams ’76
Yurth Burden ’78
Voorloper ’80
Forerunner ’81
Moon Called ’82
Forerunner- The Second Venture ’86
Flight in Yiktor ’86
Serpent's Tooth '87 (in SFWA Grand Masters Volume 2)
Dare to Go A-Hunting ’90
Brother to Shadows ’93
Procession to Var '00 (in Guardsmen of Tomorrow)
Set in Stone '00 (in Far Frontiers)
Three-Inch Trouble '01 (in A Constellation of Cats)
The End is the Beginning '02 (in Oceans of Space)
Redline the Stars ’93
Derelict for Trade ’97
A Mind for Trade ’97
Beast Master’s Ark ’02
Beast Master’s Circus ’04
Beast Master’s Quest ’06

Omnibus editions:
Solar Queen
Star Soldiers
Darkness & Dawn
Gods & Androids
Dark Companion
Masks of the Outcasts
From the Sea to the Stars
Star Flight
Search for the Star Stones
The Game of Stars and Comets
Beast Master's Planet
Beast Master Team
Deadly Dreams
Moonsinger's Quest
The Forerunner Factor
Ice and Shadow
The Iron Breed
Children of the Gates
Secret of the Stars

Other Sci Fi
The Crossroads of Time ’56
Quest Crosstime ’65 (aka Crosstime Agent)

Time Traders:
The Time Traders ’58
Galactic Derelict ’59
Time Traders II:
The Defiant Agents ’62
Key out of Time ’63
Firehand ’94
Time Traders III:
Echoes in Time ’99
Atlantis Endgame ’02

Star Gate '58

Operation Time Search ’67

Garan the Eternal ’72

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