Search For The Starsword

The DVD insert says: "Near the Canyon of Flames, Blackstar, Mara and Klone have an idyllic picnic… until Lava Locks attack from the Pit of Darkness! At the Sagar Tree, the Trobbits are also endangered by the Lava Locks. When the Starsword is lost in the Canyon of Flames, the heroes must brave the heat before the Overlord can capture the weapon for himself."

Though it was the 2nd episode broadcast, this was the first to be written and it works very well as an introductory episode for the series. It focuses just on the main characters- Blackstar, Warlock, Mara, Klone, the Trobbits and the Overlord, his Vizier, the Lava Locks and the swords.
Each of the Trobbits shows a bit of their elemental abilities. Terra tends plants and talks to the Sagar Tree, Carpo gnaws wood into planks to build a boat, Riff is cooking, Gossamear flies about with his ears, and Poulo… whistles. Only Balkar and Burble don't, though Balkar is shown to be the leader and another hint to Burble's abilities is when he says "Better let me take the wheel" when Poulo looses control of the ark.
Warlock is called a "dragon-horse" in the script.
Blackstar also shows off his enhanced strength by throwing around the Lava Locks.
Klone changes into a "shark-bird" (winged shark).
An "antler bat", one of Sagar's more aggressive animals, appears here.
In the script, the Overlord's Powersword was originally called the Moonsword and glowed red. There is a note at the end of the script of the change.

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