The DVD insert says: "A new visitor comes to Planet Sagar… Blackstar's Earth girlfriend Lieutenant Katana who has followed his photon vapor trail through the black hole and to his new home. Unfortunately, the Overlord has plans for Katana and her multi-dimensional spaceship. And when the villain finally gets both halves of the Powerstar sword… chaos ensues!"

This episode would have made a terrific season ender. Blackstar does some tricks with the Starsword he had never done before (and never does again), Overlord finally manages to get ahold of the Starsword and with the Powersword form the PowerStar briefly, and Katana leaves Sagar vowing to return with a fleet of ships and free John. That would have been a great cliffhanger to see if she returned in Season 2 like she promised. (She probably got courtmartialed for disobeying a commanding officer though. lol!) It's odd that it was broadcast in the middle of the season where such important events were rather lost.
The "Alien Demon" toys that came with each villain figure appear in this episode.

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