Star Born

Sequel to The Stars are Ours!, collected together in the Star Flight omnibus.

400-500 years after the collapse of the Pax government, on the planet Astra (The Stars are Ours!). Sometime before Secret of the Lost Race and Star Guard.

Dalgard Nordis- great, great grandson of human colonist Dard Nordist on Astra.
Sssuri- merperson teenager hunter/scout, telepathic native of Astra.
Raf Kurbi- a flitter pilot and techneer on the RS 10.
Wonstead- complaining roommate of Raf on RS 10.
Hamp- dreamy crewman on RS 10.
Floy- dreamy crewman RS 10.
Morris- enraged crewman on the RS 10, in Solitary confinement.
Captain Hobart- captain of the RS 10.
Lablet- xeno-biologist. Receding ginger-and-gray hair.
Chow- biologist on RS 10.
Soriki- com-tech on RS 10.
Forken Kordov- son of Tas Kordov.
Yussoz- the alien (others) commander.
Sssim- scout from island merpeople tribe.


Terms, Tech:
overdrive- a new engine that powers spaceships and allows them to achieve faster than light speed. The secret of cold sleep had been lost.

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