Star Man's Son 2250 A. D.

Collected with No Night Without Stars in the Darkness & Dawn omnibus.

Earth 2250 A.D. After a nuclear war (aka "The Last Battle", "The Great Blow-Up") between 200 and 300 years ago (circa 2025?) This must take place after The Stars are Ours!, possibly around the time the Pax dictatorship dissolves. No Night Without Stars takes place around the same time as this story.

Fors (of the Puma Clan)- silver haired mutant with excellent night vision
Langdon- Fors father & a Star Man master instructor.
Jarl- a Star Captain.
Arskane- an African-American man descended from a group of airplane pilots.
Lura- Fors hunting cat companion. Siamese mutant stock.
Kanda- hunting cat, mother of Lura.

Beast Things- mutated rats.

The Eyrie- "…had records to prove that their forefathers… small band of technicians & scientists."
Glentown- an abandoned town (First National Bank building relatively intact but overgrown)

Star Men/Man-
Star Captain-
Hydro farm-
the Law- to enter the Star Hall one must make a long bow, short stabbing sword, hunting knife, and bond with a hunting cat
the Council-

Events mentioned:
"Men were playing with the very stuff of life before the Blow-Up" Genetic engineering
Dogs have died out in this region by this point.

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