Storm over Warlock

Collected in Warlock omnibus with it's sequels Ordeal in Otherwhere and Forerunner Foray.

Time, Place:
Humans and Throgs fighting for "more than a century".

Shann Lantee-
Ragnar Thorvald-
Garth Thorvald- younger brother of Ragnar, Survey cadet, trouble maker.
Fadakar- the chief of animal control.
Taggi- male mutant wolverine.
Togi- female mutant wolverine.

Alien Races:
Throg- intelligent, insectile
Wyverns- telepathic, reptilian natives of the planet Warlock
clak-claks- a type of bird on Warlock.

Planets, Places:
Warlock- home planet of the Wyverns.
Circe system- Warlock's star. 3 planets, Witch 1st, Warlock 2nd, Wizard 3rd.
Tyr- Shann grew up in the Dumps of Tyr.

Terms, Tech:
Survey Corps-
S-E-Three rating-
Emigrant Control-

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