The Air Whales Of Ancar

The DVD insert says: "When the Vampire Men attack Blackstar and Mara, the Starsword is corrupted by bad magic. Before the sword explodes, the heroes must heal it with the song of Warhoon, King of the Air Whales. Blackstar is soon captured by the one-handed pirate Nihilus, a villain working for the Overlord. Nihilus is hunting Warhoon because the Air Whale took his hand in an earlier confrontation. With the help of Nihilus' daughter Lyla, Blackstar escapes, but is there still time to stop the Starsword from exploding?"

There was a toy figure called Gargo the Vampire Man but he doesn't look much like the Vampire Men featured in this episode. The vampire king is named Isogul in the script. There is however a character that looks like the Gargo toy who appears in The Zombie Masters episode.
According to the writers of this episode, Nihilus's first mate was originally supposed to be a Leopard Man in the script. There was a toy figure called Tongo the Leopard Man that might have been based on early sketches for the character who was to appear in this episode.
New ally Grogon speaks in the third person and appears to be a primitive ape man of some kind.

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