The Lord Of Time

The DVD insert says: "Kadray, the Lord of Time , wants to use his Time Scepter to regress the Sagar Tree back to its acorn state, thus giving himself the proper ammunition to restore the Fountain of Fire to its original evil state. With the help of Amazon Queen Storm, Blackstar must stop Kadray as well as a mutated dragonfly, scaly Hyenadons, and a vicious cyclopean Tyrannosaurus! Warlock also gets some action as he takes on Triton, Kadray's flying bull, and we meet the Desert Sprites for the first time."

Kadray and his flying bull Triton were made into action figures for the Blackstar toyline by Galoob. Weirdly enough, in Greece, Kadray, renamed Scorpio, became Blackstar's main nemesis, Blackstar was blond, and the toyline was called "Masters of the Universe"!
Storm's eyes are more like John's than Mara's or Klone's. Her hair covers her ears but they are probably pointed like the Emerald Knight's from The Quest who may also be an Amazon.
Mara does not appear in this episode and is said to be "in the highlands helping the druids". They don't appear in the series. If there had been a second season, it would have been interesting to see them.
There is a hint as to what Burble's elemental ability might be here. Storm mentions that he swims better than he flies after he falls from the sky into a tree… which is odd because we don't see him swim.
It's unknown if the Desert Sprites are related to Delia the Wood Sprite from Tree of Evil. They have similar eyes and ears. The name of their king is Tholen according to the script.
The Trobbits wind ship appears here.
Klone changes into a "manta-bat". Which looks a lot like an "antler-bat".

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