The Mermaid Of Serpent Sea

The DVD insert says: "The Trobbits have harvested the power fruits and knowledge nuts from the Sagar Tree and are sailing to Red Crown Reef to deliver them to the Mermanites. Waiting for them are Queen Brindelle and the talkative Mermanite child Puffin. Unfortunately, the Mermanites are set upon by Typhot and the ghostly pirates of his Phantom Galleon! Can Blackstar and his companions save the Mermanites and return them to the Sea of Tranquility?"

Not one of the strongest episodes of the series, it seems like it was written for an even younger audience than most of the other episodes. This episode implies Poulo is a child not much older than Puffin.
Typhot is a ghost and claims to be an ancestor of the Overlord. He's a typical swashbuckling pirate character which seems odd for the more primitive, barbarian style setting of Sagar. His first mate is called Sirk.

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