The Quest

The DVD insert says: "When Poulo accidentally swallows some of the Poison of the Pond he becomes deathly ill and Blackstar must go on a mission to find the Healing Stone to cure his friend. What Blackstar doesn't know is that the whole affair is part of the Overlord's devious plan to get the Healing Stone. The adventure will take Blackstar and his allies through the Gorge of the Winds and through the desert to the Overlord's Ice Palace and put him in conflict with rocky gargoyles and the Emerald Knight… a warrior with a secret."

Rif is shown using the flame on the tip of his hat to heat a hot tub.
This episode features the Emerald Knight who looks like she might be an Amazon as her eyes are the same shape and size as Storm's.
The Palace Guard also appear in this episode. Their action figures have ice weapons but they only carry staffs here.
The Desert Dwellers appear to be a pygmy race of Mara & Klone's people as they have the same eyes & ears but are shorter and of slighter build. Their Elder is named Tyson.
The Trobbit's Wind Ship is called a "cloudhopper" in the script.

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