The Stars Are Ours!

Collected with it's sequel Star Born in the Star Flight omnibus.

Earth has three orbiting space stations, and the central government of the Pax.

Arturo Renzi- Assassinated World Leader and creator of the Pax. Called the "prophet" after his death.
Saxon Bort- Dictator of the Company of Pax. Former lieutenant of Renzi.
Dard Nordis- The younger brother of Lars Nordis, uncle of Dessie.
Dessie Nordis- The daughter of Lard Nordis & Kathia, niece of Dard.
Lars Nordis- Older brother of Dard, father of Dessie, husband of Kathia (deceased).
Kathia Nordis- Lars's wife, Dessie's mother (deceased).
Hew Folley- landsman and fanatic Pax supporter. Dard kills him in self-defense.
Lotta Folley- Hew Folley's daughter.
Sach- An "unreliable". A Free Scientist helper. Murdered by Paxmen
Simba "Sim" Kimber- Pilot-astrogator
Tas Kordov- First Scientist biological division, "flaming sword"- the first rank insignia of a leader of Free Men.
Harmon- Landsman helper of Free Men, has wife Trude, son Lanny, twin girls Marya & Martie.
Trude Harmon- wife of Harmon, mother of Lanny, twins Marya & Martie.
Lanny Harmon- son of Harmon & Trude, brother of Marya & Martie.
Marya Harmon- daughter of Harmon & Trude, sister of Lanny, twin of Martie.
Martie Harmon- daughter of Harmon & Trude, sister of Lanny, twin of Marya.
Santee- former army non-com, weapons expert. Huge and hairy.
Carlee Skort- husband Lui, daughter Lara
Winson- son Don, unnamed wife
Don Winson- 4 year old son of Winson & Miz Winson
Lossler- Paxman rival of Dawson
Dawson- a Laurel Weaver at Temple. Thinks Lossler is his enemy.
Techneer Vidor Chang- Free Scientist martyr famous for "The stars are ours!" phrase quote.
Dan- A Free Men fighter who dies defending the Cleft.
Red- A Free Men fighter who dies defending the Cleft.
Lofton- A Free Men fighter who dies defending the Cleft.
Tremont- A rescued injured Cleft defender.
Lui Skort- "Doc" a medico and historian, wife Carlee, daughter Lara. Dies in Cold Sleep.
Jorge Cully- engineer.
Lara Skort- Lui & Carlee Skort's 3 year old daughter.
Les Rogan- tel-visor expert w/space training.
Macley- ?
Petra- a woman who cooks and makes scented stuff.
Miz Winson- didn't survive Cold Sleep.
Miz Grene- didn't survive Cold Sleep.
Looie Denton- didn't survive Cold Sleep.
Ssssat- merman, has 1 child.
Ssssutu- female merperson, partner of Ssssat.
Aaaatak- 'Friend of Many', merpeople chieftan/leader/elder.
Cleft Dwellers- Free Men who live in the Cleft.

25 men, 23 women, 4 girls and 2 boys form the 1st human colony on Astra.

Terra- another name for our Earth
Luna- another name for our Moon
Astra- Has 2 other planets in it's system and a Sol type star, no moon. It's the middle planet. The first human colony planet.

"duck-dog"- a creature native to Astra.
duocorns- horned horses.

Tech, terms:
Free Scientists-
techneers- technicians, engineers.
Peacemen- The Police force of the Pax government.
stinkman- the Pax term for scientist.
confidence cards- a passport.
unreliable- someone who is suspected of consorting with scientists.
cold sleep- suspended animation.
Laurel Crowned- a Speaker in the Temple of the Voice.
The Circle- Application Committee for a confidence card.
Laurel Weaver- a high ranking Paxman.
Wedded to the Inner Peace- Temple guardians.
House of the Olive Branch- A Paxman Legion.
stun rifle- an energy weapon
'copter- helicopter/gyro copter
rifle- stander to today's tech
hand beam- flashlight
digester- machine which induces hypnotic state
hand stun gun- pistol sized
burper- a cannon type weapon
medico- medical officer, doctor
forcefield- a defensive energy field
light bending field- makes objects invisible
sled- anti-grav hovercraft
atom bombs-
H-bombs- hydrogen bomb
Null-bombs- ?
The Cleft- last stronghold of the Free Men, hidden scientific community.
Ad Astra- "to the stars"
Big Burn- when a space station was hi-jacked and used to wipe out large populated areas.
Purge- when scientists were attacked after the Burn.
Big Brain- scientist
Seventh Day- Pax sanctioned religious day?
attendance slip- permission to access the Voice

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