The Zero Stone

Collected, with it's sequel Uncharted Stars in the Search for the Star Stones omnibus.

Murdoc Jern- assistant gem buyer, apprentice gemologist, "duty child" of Hywel Jern
Eet- an ancient telepathic alien reborn as a mutant cat
"Celph Hory"- A Patrol Double Star Commander under cover as a scout Patrolman
Captain Nactitl- a raider captain, altered human with double eyelids
Tusratti- X-Tee, four arms with "fronds" for ears, limited telepath
Segal- human raider
Onund- human raider
Thangsfeld- human raider
Captain Ostrend- a Free Trader captain of the Vestris
Velos- medic on the Vestris
Hywel Jern- foster father of Murdoc
Vondar Ustle- Murdoc's teacher
Valcyr- ships cat on the Vestris

Planets, stars, satellites:
Angkor- plague decimated population
Tanth- primitive culture, humanoid
Loki- human colonized planet where "Celph Hory" was from
Waystar- legendary space raider base

Alien Races mentioned:
Zacathans- a reptilian alien race
Trystians- an avian alien race
"batrachian" alien races mentioned (amphibious)
"canine" alien races
Wyverns- natives of the planet Warlock
"Sniffers"- primitive alien race on unnamed planet

Vestris- a Free Trader vessel with Guild ties.

Free Traders
Patrol- interstellar police
Survey- space scouts
Guild- short for Thieves' Guild
Veep- VIP, often a high ranking Guild member
medico- medic, doctor
tangler- a weapon that shoots a binding web to restrain people.
beamer- flashlight
esper- a person with extra sensory perception.
X-Tee- Extra Terrestrial, alien, non-humanoid

Four Confederacies
Twelve Systems
Inner and Outer Planets

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