The Zombie Masters

The DVD insert says: "At the City of Gondar, Blackstar, Mara and the Trobbits try to persuade the leaders — Prince Dal and Princess Lowena — to join them in the rebellion against the Overlord. Unfortunately, their city is soon attacked by the floating city of Marakand, legendary home of the zombies! Soon, Mara, Lowena and Poulo have their spirits yanked from them by the corpulent zombie leader Shaldemar and his Sphere of Souls! And now, Marakand is headed toward the Sagar Tree for a little horrific renovation…"

New allies Dal & Lowena may be related to Mara. Dal is shown to have similar abilities, though not as powerful, as Mara's.
Balkar creates a potion that turns the purple rainbow shaped aura over the Sagar Tree into a forcefield by pouring it into the stream beneath the Tree's roots.
A character that looks like the Gargo the Vampire Man toy appears in this episode.
This ended up being the final episode of the series to be broadcast. It's interesting that the rebellion gained some real powerful allies now that Dal & Lowena have taken over Marakand. Along with all the other allies they've gathered, Overlord would have been in for some real trouble if a second season happened.

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