Transformers Vs Visionaries

Transformers vs. Visionaries 1
Transformers vs. Visionaries 2
Transformers vs. Visionaries 3
Transformers vs. Visionaries 4
Transformers vs. Visionaries 5

These five issues are awful. This series might interest Transformers fans as they at least appear to be closer to the classic Transformers of the '80s, but this is a slap to the face of fans who love the Visionaries. The characters are completely off model. Weird, partially shaved heads, dreadlocks, mini braids… piercings, & facial tattoos… It's heartbreakingly bad. Why the hell did they make Leoric blond? Do we really need another "heroic blond leader"? They consciously broke the mould of Matt Tracker being the blond leader guy in the new M.A.S.K. comics by making him African-American. Leoric was perfectly fine being black haired in the original cartoon or brown haired as per his action figure and the Marvel comics. OK, so they killed off Darkstorm and made Virulina the leader of the Darkling Lords, but why turn Mortdred into Lexor? Mortdred's personality was: fiercely loyal to the point of bootlicking manservant to Darkstorm, rather clumsy, unlucky, and psychotically self-sacrificing for his master. Mortdred as portrayed here was… exactly like Lexor. Why didn't they just use Lexor?! And why did they make Arzon a "question everything", heartless douchebag? OK, somehow Cindarr was made intelligent but everyone's favourite berserker Darkling Lord Cravex barely appeared. The only good thing about it… a few of the proposed wave 2 action figures appeared in Visionaries group scenes.

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