Visionaries Annual

Visionaries Annual 1989

Published 1988 by Marvel Comics LTD, a New World company, 23 Redan Place, London W2 4SA.
64 pages.
ISBN: 0-948936-92-4
Barcode: 9 780948 936920

Cover Art… Martin Griffiths and John Burns
Opening Spread Art… Dougie Braithwaite and John Burns
Editor… Richard Starkings
Designer… Steve White

"What has 64 pages of incredible action and adventure, awesome magic, and terrifying evil? What can give you all the thrills and excitement of the ceaseless war between this upholders of good, the Spectral Knights, and the diabolical Darkling Lords? What can take you to the magical world of Prysmos, where the power of Light reigns supreme? What else but the first fantastic VISIONARIES ANNUAL! It features the 38-page origin of the Visionaries — "The End" from VISIONARIES MONTHLY 1 and 2), PLUS Two ALL-NEW text stories! Called False Light at Fultch Rock and The Edge, these two masterpieces are crammed with that unique style of epic action that Marvel Comics fans have come to know and love. On top of all that, there are six fascinating fact files on your favourite heroes and villains that make this an absolute must for any fan of the wonderful world of the VISIONARIES!"

"The End" …pg. 5-23, 34-52 (From Visionaries Monthly 1 and 2, aka Marvel Comics Visionaries 1)
Script… Salicrup/Dille
Pencils… Mark Bailey
Inks… Romeo Tanghal
Letters… Janice Chiang
Colours… Julianna Ferriter

Fact File: Leoric …pg. 24 (toy figure backing card info)

Fact File: Witterquick …pg. 25 (toy figure backing card info)

The Edge! …pg. 26-31 (ALL-NEW text story with 6 art panels)
Story… Ian Rimmer
Art… Will Simpson
Colour… Stuart Place

Fact File: Darkstorm …pg. 32 (toy figure backing card info)

Fact File: Cindarr …pg. 33 (toy figure backing card info)

Fact File: Arzon …pg. 53 (toy figure backing card info)

False Light at Fultch Rock! …pg. 54-60 (ALL-NEW text story with 6 art panels)
Story… Dan Abnett
Art… Dougie Braithwaite & Cam Smith
Colours… Chris Matthews

Fact File: Cravex …pg. 61 (toy figure backing card info)

The "Fact Files:" listed in the table of contents actually have the heading "Visionaries Order of Battle:" and then the character's name when you turn to their page.

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