Witch World Timeline
Name of the Year Story it's mentioned Events
Year of the Blue-Horned Ram The Magestone Mereth is born.1
Year of the ? Kerovan may have been born this year,2.
Year of the Salamander Dragon Scale Silver Almondia & Truan of Estcarp arrive in Wark.
Year of the Sea Serpent Dragon Scale Silver Elys & Elyn are born. Joisan may also have been born this year.3
Year of the Spitting Toad The Crystal Gryphon Kerovan turns 10 & Joisan turns 8, they are axe-wed.
-4 Year of the Winged Bull Port of Dead Ships The year shortly before the Kolder invade Gorm.
-3 Year of the ? The Kolder invade Gorm.
00 Year of the ? Simon Tregarth enters the Witch World, the Kolder cause the Fall of Sulcarkeep4, and The Horning (early winter?) takes place this year.5
01 Year of the Crowned Swan The Crystal Gryphon Kerovan turns 16 & Joisan turns 14. The events of Web of the Witch World probably take place this year.
02 Year of the Moss Wife The Crystal Gryphon Kerovan turns 17 & Joisan turns 15, Alizon spies in High Hallack. On the last day of this year, Kyllan is born.
03 Year of the Fire Troll The Crystal Gryphon, Dragon Scale Silver The Invasion of the Dales of High Hallack by the Hounds of Alizon with Kolder tech, Kerovan turns 18 & Joisan turns 16. Gillan is kidnapped by the Hounds from Estcarp and brought to High Halack. On the first day of this year Kemoc and Kaththea are born.6
04 Year of the Leopard The Year of the Unicorn, The Crystal Gryphon The second year of the Invasion of High Hallack, first minor victories against the Hounds who are running out of Kolder weapons, Elyn joins the war.
05 Year of the ? Dragon Scale Silver The third year of the war mentioned by Elys in Dragon Scale Silver.7
06 Year of the Gryphon The Year of the Unicorn, Dragon Scale Silver, Gryphon in Glory Kerovan asks the Were-Riders to join the war forming The Great Bargain, Elys & Jervon rescue Elyn from the Curse of Ingaret.8
07 Year of the Fire Drake The Year of the Unicorn
08 Year of the Hornet The Year of the Unicorn, The Toads of Grimmerdale, Gryphon's Eyrie In late summer the Hounds of Alizon are driven from High Hallack ending The Invasion. Shortly after that Brixia, Marbon & Dwed travel into the The Waste to free the ancient city An-Yak from Zarsthor's Bane. In late autumn Elys & Jervon fight an ancient god in The Waste with the Sword of Unbelief.9 Hertha was raped by Daleman in the aftermath of the Invasion and seeks out The Toads of Grimmerdale near Midwinter. Before the first day of the Year of the Unicorn, twelve and one brides are given to the Were-Riders fulfilling the terms of the Great Bargain, Gillan believes herself to be no younger than 18 and no older than 20.
09 Year of the Unicorn The Year of the Unicorn, The Toads of Grimmerdale, Gryphon's Eyrie On the first day of the year the Were Riders and their new brides enter Arvon, events of Year of the Unicorn take place. In early spring, Hertha's baby girl Elfanor is born and Hertha seals the circle of the Toads in Changeling. Gryphon's Eyrie takes place in spring of this year, Joisan thinks that Kerovan is 21 but that is her age — he is 23.10 Fyndale faire may be resumed this year in late summer, Ysmay marries Hylle in High Hallack in the autumn, and journeys to Quayth where she frees Broc and Yaal, Hylle is overthrown on Midwinter Day in Amber out of Quayth. Kerovan & Joisan's daughter (Hyana) is due to be born on Midwinter Day.
10 Year of the Hippogriff Songsmith Legacy from Sorn Fen probably takes place around here. Ully the Piper also takes place sometime around here. In the spring of this year, Lorcan is captured by bandits in Silver May Tarnish, Meive saves Lorcan from these bandits in summer, after which they begin wandering the Dales looking for people to repopulate Honeycoombe Dale. Eydryth, daughter of Elys & Jervon is born.11 Alon may have been born this year as he thinks he is the same age as Eydryth.
11 Year of the Red Boar The Jargoon Pard Kethan and Aylinn born and switched at the Shrine of Gunnora during an intense thunderstorm, in the Month of the Snowbird (late winter/early spring patches of snow still around.).
20 Year of the Lamia The Jargoon Pard
21 Year of the Chimera The Jargoon Pard
22 Year of the Harpy The Jargoon Pard
23 Year of the Orc The Jargoon Pard
24 Year of the Kobald Spider Silk The Turning takes place in late summer (24 years after The Horning); Pagar tries to invade Estcarp; Kyllan and Kemoc rescue Kaththea and all three escape to Escore, they are 21; Three Against the Witch World, Warlock of the Witch World, and the beginning portion of Sorceress of the Witch World probably all take place this year, as does Trey of Swords (during the first 6 chapters of Warlock of the Witch World). Exile takes place during this year, shortly after the Turning. According to Spider Silk Dairene is saved from the sea, appearing to be age 6 or 7.
25 Year of the Werewolf The Jargoon Pard Kethan passed from childhood to manhood (13-15?)
26 Year of the Horned Cat The Jargoon Pard
28 13 years ago Gurborian given a reward by Mallandor for helping depose Facellian.12
29 Songsmith Eydryth is 19, Alon thinks he is the same age.
30 Year of the ? The Key of the Keplian Eleeri enters the Witch World in Karsten age 15.13
31 The Key of the Keplian Eleeri (16) crosses over into Escore and saves the Keplians Tharna, and Hylan from a mob.
32 Year of the Weldworm Spider Silk Dairine passes into "young womanhood" (she'd be 14 or 15?), Ingvarna dies, Captain Ortis returns and Dairine is taken to Usurt, learns to weave better, regains her sight. Eleeri turns 17.
33 The Key of the Keplian Eleeri turns 18.
34 The Key of the Keplian Eleeri turns 19. Mouse is born.14
35 The Key of the Keplian Eleeri turns 20.
36 The Key of the Keplian Eleeri turns 21 and Romar is 27. She frees him from the Dark Tower and it is destroyed.
40 Falcon Magic Mouse is 6.
41 The Magestone, The Warding of Witch World Merrith is 75. Mouse is 6,15 Keris is 16.
42 Earthborne Probably a year after Warding.
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