WITTERQUICK… a valiant champion of justice with an over-anxious zeal to defeat the Darkling Lords!
MYSTICAL PERSONALITY… a CHEETAH, repressing his fast-acting ability to anticipate on-coming Darkling Lord attacks!
MAGICAL TOTEM… Calling upon his power of LIGHT SPEED, Witterquick dodges enemy bombardment faster than lightning through the sky!

"Sheathe these feet in the driving gale,
Make swift these legs, o'er land I sail!"

-Witterquick is blond haired, blue eyed, tall, with a runner's build. His colours are red under-armour and helmet, with light grey over-armour with red accents. His weapon is a metal boomerang.

-The winged-helmed avatar of Speed whirls out of the staff and envelops the staff wielder to speed them off to wherever they wish to go. From the waist down, his lower body is a tornado.

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